1″ OD x 1/16″ Wall – Tube Assembly



(Dimension “A”) 1″ OD Diameter x 1/16″ wall custom tube assembly

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1″ OD x 1/16″ Wall – Tube Assembly made to order:

* 1” Dia x .0625” wall, brushed finish, 6061-T6 aluminum tube.

* 1″ Diameter perfect for long-span systems to reduce vibration
* Multiple rod end sizes available. (Right-hand thread)
* All hardware included.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Assembly will come as shown below including:
Custom length tube (Drilled), Tube end fittings (2), Rod end bearings with jam nuts (2), cross-tube attachment bolts (AN)

Control Tube Assy


*Note: tube length will be sized so that when assembled, 1/4” of thread on each rod end bearing will be visible. This means that the total length of the assembly can be adjusted + – 1/2” (1” of adjustment total)

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 1 × 1 in
Tube Options

A (3/4"x.062"), B (5/16"-24 Chromoly), A (3/4"x062"), B (3/8"-24 Chromoly), A (1"x.125"), B (5/16"-24 Chromoly), A (1"x.125"), B (3/8"-24 Chromoly), A (1"x.125"), B (1/2"-20 Carbon Steel)