Is the VX2 available yet?

Yes it is! And it is performing awesome!  (Our last 5 orders have been the GT-VX2 912 versions!)

Do you offer a 2-seat version?

We are pushing hard to get the 2-place design wrapped up. This has been our #1 request! We are trying our best to have a mock-up, static unit, on display at Oshkosh and Mentone this year!  We hope to have kits available in summer of 2025.

Can I purchase online?

Yes! See our new “shop” tab at the top of the page!

If you are more comfortable placing your order over the phone, that’s fine! Give us a call. We’d love to talk to you! (507-933-9033)

Can I fly without a license?

No. These machines do not meet the FAA part 103 Ultralight classification in terms of max weight, fuel capacity, and top speed. To legally fly, you will need at least a sport pilot license with a gyro endorsement. (Really not that hard to get if you put your mind to it)

Can I install a pod?

It’s experimental, you can do whatever you want! However, any changes or additions will certainly affect the weight and balance as well as the aerodynamic flight characteristics. This could result in a very dangerous (if not deadly) configuration. The GT-VX-1 is an open format machine, designed to maximize the sensation of flight!

How far can I fly?

If using a Rotax 582, it will burn about 6 gallons per hour. (Thirsty little buggers!) A comfortable cruise speed is about 60 MPH. Full fuel tanks (7.5 Gallons) will then give you a range of 50+ miles with a safe fuel reserve.

The VX2 is much more economical with a burn rate of under 4 GPH. With nearly 10 gallons on board, you will get at least 2 hours flight time. (~120 miles range)

This would be a straight-line course to your destination. In reality though, you will be having too much fun, and your flight path will not be a straight line, but rather resembling something closer to a bowl of spaghetti!

Are these machines CLT? (Center-line Thrust)

YES! Very close to CLT! The thrust-line offset to the Center Of Mass of the GT-VX1 is just over 1”. The VX2 is within 3/8″ of being CLT, with less than a .5° hang angle change from full to empty tanks.

What power plant is used on the GT-VX1?

A 65 HP Rotax 582 is by far the most popular engine used on this aircraft. We also have engine mounts to adapt to a Hirth 3203.

The Rotax 582 has been discontinued, but there is still some inventory remaining. We are in the process of adapting other engines such as more Hirth models as well as Simonini.

In the past 50 odd years  as a charter, airline pilot, then former lead pilot, chief pilot, and Aviation Department Director for two large Executive Aviation Departments in Saudi Arabia, I have been around aircraft maintenance and maintenance organisations in the US, UK, Germany, France and Switzerland. The standard of workmanship, and the quality of the parts produced at Gyro Technic has been as high as the best of all I have seen. It is my privilege to be now working with them on the GT-VX2. Leigh Allison, London/ Kilifi Kenya