Do you offer a 2-seat version?

A 2-seat model is in the beginning stages of design, but don’t expect to see anything available to the public for at least 3 years at best. For now, we are focusing on our single place units.

Is the VX2 available yet?

We expect the VX2 (Rotax 912 version) to be available late spring / Early Summer of 2021

Can I purchase online?

Soon… Very soon.  We will be actively working on additions and enhancements to our site over the next few weeks / months. In the meantime, give us a call! We’d love to talk to you!

Can I fly without a license?

No. These machines do not meet the FAA part 103 Ultralight classification in terms of max weight, fuel capacity, and top speed. To legally fly, you will need at least a sport pilot license with a gyro endorsement. (Really not that hard to get if you put your mind to it)

Can I install a pod?

It’s experimental, you can do whatever you want! However!! Any changes or additions will certainly affect the weight and balance and the aerodynamic flight characteristics which could result in a very dangerous (if not deadly) configuration. The GT-VX-1 is an open format machine, designed to maximize the sensation of flight!

How far can I fly?

If using a Rotax 582, it will burn about 6 gallons per hour. (Thirsty little buggers!) A comfortable cruise speed is about 60 MPH. Full fuel tanks (7.5 Gallons) will then give you a range of 50+ miles with a safe fuel reserve.

This would be a straight-line course to your destination. In reality though, you will be having too much fun, and your flight path will not be a straight line, but rather resembling something closer to a bowl of spaghetti!

Is the GT-VX1 Centerline Thrust?

The thrust-line offset to the Center of mass of the GT-VX1 is just over 1”.

What power plant is used on the GT-VX1?

A 65 HP Rotax 582 is by far the most popular engine used on this aircraft. We also have engine mounts to adapt to a Hirth 3203.

Every part in that aircraft fit with such precision that you could not help but be impressed. This was the tenth aircraft that I have built, some kits and some scratch built, but your aircraft is the best by far. You really have a nice product! Keep up the fine work you are a credit to the Experimental Aircraft Movement. Daniel (Jim) Wright  E.A.A. Lifetime member #605531  (Spring Hill, FL)