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Our incredibly talented team has decades of combined experience in all things mechanical.

With vast experience in robotics, tooling and custom automation, getting into gyroplane components was a perfect fit for us. Machining aluminum is what we live and breathe!

What started out as curiosity, turned into a hobby, became a passion, to finally an all-out addiction!

We think you will agree…The pride and commitment to quality we put into the parts we produce is quite obvious!

Gyro Assembly

Proudly offering products from:

Power Fin.com

Warp Drive.com

DUC- Propellers.com

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MGL Avionics.com

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In the past 50 odd years  as a charter, airline pilot, then former lead pilot, chief pilot, and Aviation Department Director for two large Executive Aviation Departments in Saudi Arabia, I have been around aircraft maintenance and maintenance organisations in the US, UK, Germany, France and Switzerland. The standard of workmanship, and the quality of the parts produced at Gyro Technic has been as high as the best of all I have seen. It is my privilege to be now working with them on the GT-VX2. Leigh Allison, London/ Kilifi Kenya