About Us

Our incredibly talented team has decades of combined experience in all things mechanical.

With vast experience in robotics, tooling and custom automation, getting into gyroplane components was a perfect fit for us. Machining aluminum is what we live and breathe!

What started out as curiosity, turned into a hobby, became a passion, to finally an all-out addiction!

We think you will agreeā€¦The pride and commitment to quality we put into the parts we produce is quite obvious!

Gyro Assembly

Proudly offering products from:

Power Fin.com

Warp Drive.com

DUC- Propellers.com

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Aircraft Spruce.com




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MGL Avionics.com

Leading Edge Airfoils.com

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Proud Supporter


I am working on the assembly now, and, as predicted, the parts fit on the 1st try every time. A VERY enjoyable experience so far. No corner has been cut, and the attention to detail is 2nd to none! Thank You! I cannot wait to fly my Gyro Technic! - Jon LouisĀ  (Mankato, MN)