VX-2 Rotor Head



VX-2 Rotor Head



The VX-2 rotor head is designed and machined to our exacting standards.

We use 2 of the highest quality, full-complement, dual-row, angular contact sealed bearing available.

The dual bearing design of this head is ideal for heavier machines which impart a larger angular moment on the spindle bearing(s).

A ¾” gimbal offset with an accompanying trim spring add dynamic stability to the aircraft.

A hydraulic rotor brake system is integrated directly into the torque tube. The brake pad assembly is pushed outward to the ID of the PR ring gear much like a drum brake.

The outward force of this system is much more effective than traditional style rotor brakes that push upward on the bottom of the ring gear and cause excessive flexing of the disk assembly.

When disengaged, the brake pad retracts slightly away from the ring gear and is completely clear of the rotating components, with no chance of interference during flight.

Our proprietary polyurethane-cushioned teeter stops provide a gentle contact between the hub bar and rotor head.

Choose your desired input for the Bendix unit. Rigid shaft (5/8″), Flex shaft adaptor, or Hydraulic motor mount.

Allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in
Bendix Input:

Rigid Shaft Input (5/8"), Flex Shaft Adaptor, Hydraulic Motor Flange