These are wonderful little desk toys, but more importantly, they are exceptional teaching aids for demonstrating gyro plane flight concepts!

This is not a cheap plastic model! All components CNC machined from aluminum. Ball bearing in the rotor head and real rod end bearings on the control links

Working rudder pedals, cyclic, gimbal head and teetering hub bar.

Use as an instructional aid to demonstrate:

  • Rotor Head function
  • Gimbal offset and trim spring function
  • Teetering Hub Bar
  • Cyclic Function
  • Thrust-line offset (“Engine” is vertically adjustable)
  • CG Location and effects

**This is NOT an RC model. It was not designed or intended to fly!

Provided with full assembly documentation! 2D & 3D pdf.

In October 2022, I visited Denis at Gyro Technic to pick up my order.  I observed the most meticulous creation to the finest detail. His workmanship demonstrates his demand for excellence and a consummate to perfection. Respectfully, Gary J Mullen, Sr.