The GT-VX1 is our pride and joy! Through many years of advancements and refinements, we have developed a machine that is as beautiful as it is high performance. An open frame design to maximize the thrill and sensation of flight! Incredibly stable and forgiving. It is truly a go-cart / Jet Ski in the sky!

Add your own choice of engine, rotor blades, propeller, and instrumentation. Or, we can help you with these items as well. Put it all together, and you will have a custom, safe, high performance, beautiful aircraft that will be the envy of all!

Are you someone who truly appreciates the absolute finest craftsmanship available? The GT-VX1 is for you!

GT-VX1 Component Details

Price: $23,850

Performance Specs:

Weight / Useful load / Cruise Vx Vy Vne / Climb rate

The GT-VX1 model has evolved from award-winning machines from the prototype stage to the final design at the Popular Rotorcraft Association (PRA) National Convention in Mentone IN.

2012: Best Workmanship / Most Innovative

2013: 1st Place – Single Seat Gyroplane / Best Workmanship

2015: 1st Place – Single Seat Gyroplane

2018: Most Innovative / Pilot and Machine / Best Workmanship

2019: Best Workmanship

Every part in that aircraft fit with such precision that you could not help but be impressed. This was the tenth aircraft that I have built, some kits and some scratch built, but your aircraft is the best by far. You really have a nice product! Keep up the fine work you are a credit to the Experimental Aircraft Movement. Daniel (Jim) Wright  E.A.A. Lifetime member #605531  (Spring Hill, FL)